Workshops with The Good Florist


I would love to welcome you to a class in my new workshop, which is situated at my home in Devon between Dartmoor and Exmoor. 

I occasionally run classes at other venues across the country and I’m the florist in residence at Charleston House in East Sussex, which is part of the Bloomsbury Group. 

The Bloomsbury artists were guided by a sense of beauty, fun, freedom and irreverence, and I hold those values too. I’m not a stickler for rules and my classes are relaxed and creative, and of course you’ll have armfuls of beautiful flowers to take home. 

Wedding bouquet masterclass 

Come and create a hand tied asymmetric bouquet. This is where we tear up the rule book and make something free form. Using the best garden roses and foraged foliage, we’ll make a bouquet that is unique and true to you and the seasons. We’ll make time at the end to style and photograph it in my workshop, and then it’s yours to take home, or give away to someone worthy. 



Autumn urns 

Inspired by the wild outdoors, spend half a making a wild and freestyle urn arrangement using the best autumn flowers and foliage. This class will be a study of colour blending and mood and a chance to breath out and appreciate the changing and slowing of the seasons. 


Cost: £ 

A Spring Study 

Celebrate the spring by creating a floral still life arrangement with me. The first of the English sweet peas, garden roses, blossom branches and buds. We’ll spend time making a foam free centrepiece. Talk about varieties and styling ideas for spring. All flowers and vessel included. 



DIY Wedding SOS (half day or whole day)

Helping friends with their wedding flowers is how my business started.  It is such an honour and a gift to be able to do it, but it can be stressful too; what to order, how much it will cost, working out your timings, getting your flowers transported etc. All those sleepless nights! 

This is a 1 to 1 class and it’s split into two sessions: 

The morning is a planning session. We will talk through the wedding and work out the necessary steps and discuss your order. Consider this a dry run of the wedding week.  

The afternoon is practical and we can choose an aspect of the wedding flowers that you are least confident about and have a go at make it together. 

Date/time - various. Get in touch to book.